The Night Guard

By Kayla Barnett

Amid what was left of Earth after the humans drove themselves to near extinction, Nephilim emerged as rulers. Vampires stalked the night, preying on the humans and Nephilim alike. With vampires threatening what remained of the human population they appealed to the Nephilim who created the Night Guard.

An elite band of warrior Nephilim capable of hunting down and eliminating the vampires, the Night Guard, was tasked with making the night safe once more. Finally, after decades the vampires were driven back into the darkest hiding places, fearing the Night Guard and their patrols. A semblance of peace and safety for humans and Nephilim was achieved.

All Abigail ever wanted was to be a Night Guard. She trained night and day, pushing herself to her limits until she was able to follow in her brothers’ footsteps and join Night Academy. With graduation only months away she’s being sent out on her very first mission.

When the mission goes sideways, however, she’ll find herself stranded among strangers and in a completely different world than she had previously known. What she thought were absolute truths might very well be bold faced lies and she’ll have to put her trust in her worst enemy if she has any hope of surviving.