Death’s Night Out

By Kayla Barnett

Life. Death. Destiny. Can you ever truly outrun your fate?

One reaper, one human, and one Halloween night that will change both forever. Kai has spent his entire life watching humans waste away their lives only to beg for more time when he comes to claim their souls. Still, he longs to be a part of their world; a world that has no place for him and no want of him or his abilities.

The last thing Kai ever expected was to meet someone that could not only see him, but make him feel things he never thought possible. He certainly didn’t expect to meet a human like Claire, a human fated to die an early and painful death from cancer.

Claire never dreamed that there might be more to the world than what she already knew of it. She certainly never thought that she would meet one man that could turn her world upside down in a single night.

Can Kai be more than what he was born to be? Can he save a life instead of taking one?