An Aetheral Light

Secrets. Danger. Betrayal.

Elaina Moore is your average twenty-year-old college student. That is until the night she’s assaulted by a group of guys that can’t seem to take no for an answer. Just when she’s accepted her life is over, she is saved by a man, who could quite possibly be even more dangerous than her attackers.

Nathaniel claims to be the ruler of a realm that should only exist in fantasy stories, but Elaina can’t help but be drawn to him. Before she realizes it, she finds herself immersed in a whole new world that is filled with deadly people. They all want one thing: to use her to get to their true target, Nathaniel.

Elaina must decide whose side she is on. Will she listen to the Queen of Light and betray Nathaniel for the betterment of all The Realms, or will she stand by Nathaniel in the hopes of saving the man she has glimpsed underneath his dark and uncaring facade?

More importantly, will The Realms destroy her before she can make the right choice?

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