An Aetheral Darkness

Pain. Love. Determination.

What is real and what is not? How can you ever really know for sure? Elaina struggles to put her life back together and discern reality from illusion after being rescued from Max, but she’ll find out that being freed was just the start because Max has his eyes set on being the next Nether King. With Max’s newest scheme he is closer than ever to achieving his goal.

Taking the title won’t be as easy as Max hopes, not with Nathaniel willing to bring down The Accords and go to war to keep the title. Can Elaina find a better solution, one that will keep The Realms from being thrown into total chaos?

With enemies new and old, it’s a race against time as Elaina tries to find answers that are buried in her past with the parents she has never known. She’ll have to go further and dig deeper than ever before though if she hopes to stop the coming war.

Just how far will she go to save not only Nathaniel but the rest of The Realms as well?

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