The 13 Realms


The Human Realm

This is the only realm that doesn’t have a designated ruler, nor is this realm an active participant of The Accords. The other twelve realms agreed that the human race was too weak and fragile to handle the truth about the realms or to stand up against those born in the other realms. The Accords were created and signed to ensure peace throughout all realms, but also to ensure the ignorance of the human race to keep them safe.

The Nether

Ruler: Nathaniel

The realm of darkness

Those born in this realm are referred to as nether-souls. Nether-souls are distinguished from one another by the type of energy they use to feed themselves in order to survive. The most commonly found are those that feed from one of the seven deadly sins. However, there are rarer nether-souls that feed from fear, pain, and death. It doesn’t take a genius to know that one should be cautious whenever dealing with one of these dark beings, but should you forget they will quickly remind you.

The Aether

Rulers: Elizabeth and Azariah

The realm of light

Those born in this realm are referred to as aether-souls. Aether-souls are distinguished from one another by the type of energy they use to feed themselves in order to survive. The most commonly found are those that feed from happiness and contentment. However there are rarer aether-souls that feed from selflessness, sacrifice, and true love. You’d do well to remember that just because aether-souls live within the light and often promote the best within humanity does not mean that they don’t have their own agenda that will often be just as bloody as any scheme a nether-soul can come up with.


Ruler: Dameon

The realm of the Sentinels

Those born in the realm are refereed to as Sentinels. The Sentinels are divided into two groups: assassins and protectors. They are almost always hired help from the other realms, they will take a job from any realm so long as the price is right. While Sentinels are often a neutral party in most affairs that doesn’t mean they don’t also have their own beliefs and codes; the trick is figuring out if they’re neutral or simply hiding their agenda from you in order to gain the upper hand.


Rulers: Titania, Oberon, and Mab

The realm of the Fae

While Titania, Oberon and Mab are all rulers of this realm they are from separate courts. Titania and Oberon rule over the Summer Court while Mab rules over the Winter Court. These two courts rarely see eye to eye on things and are often at war within their own realm. Do not be deceived by the inhabitants inability to lie because they have learned the devious art of talking around the truth and allowing others to assume things that aren’t in fact true. Humanity’s unbelief in the fae is their greatest weakness and as the humans forget them they slowly fade into nonexistence.

Realm of the Gods

Rulers: Zeus, Odin, Set

The realm of the Gods

This is one of the largest realms, with vast territories for each sect of Gods. While immortal most of their strength and power has waned over the many centuries since The Accords were signed. As the human people stop worshiping and praying to the Gods, the weaker they become.

Realm of the Dead

Rulers: Demarcus and Sapphira

The realm of the dead

Human spirits live within the realm of the dead where they either find everlasting peace or never-ending torment. Grim Reapers make this realm their home and watch over the realm ensuring no souls leave the realm while also ensuring only human souls are granted access to it after death. Grim Reapers while stoic and emotionally stunted are fierce protectors of the souls that are within their charge.


Rulers: Adeen and Blaise

The realm of Fire

This realm is a fiery wasteland in which the inhabitants – known as fire benders – all have the ability to wield and control fire. Fire-benders are quick to anger, but they are also extremely passionate about everything they do and believe in. They can be fierce allies or even fiercer enemies.


Rulers: Jessabelle and Terran

The realm of Ice

This realm is an icy wasteland in which the inhabitants – known as ice benders – all have the ability to wield and control ice. Ice-benders are reserved and spend a lot of their time thinking through their next move. They often believe that cold hard logic will win any battle, but don’t let their tendency to overthink fool you, they can strike with a startling quickness that will leave you frozen in place.


Ruler: Thea

The realm of Nature

This realm is a luscious utopia where plant life of all kinds are found in abundance. Those born in this realm are referred to as naturists and have a unique affinity for encouraging plants to grow. They can also use their affinity to speak to trees and plants and to bend them to their will.


Ruler: Skyler

The realm of Air

This realm is near uninhabitable by any other than those that call it home, the air-benders. They are a rare and near extinct race that are untrusting and unlikely to leave their own realm to interact with any of the others. The realm itself exists in the sky with only one small land mass that those not from the realm can use to call a meeting with the air-benders. The air-benders’ affinity for air allows them to not only manipulate it, but to also move within it as if flying. This unique ability allowed them to build their homes in the sky, unreachable by any except them. However, if their King was to ever fall the magic that sustains their homes would fall and so would they.


Ruler: Aislyn

The realm of dreams and illusions

This realm is not at all what it seems. In a realm where a simple thought can bring to life one’s wildest dreams it is hard to discern what is real and what is not. Those that call this realm home are just as dangerous, willing to grant others their hopes and dreams, but beware – the price is often never worth what you receive in return. The most common groupings of the inhabitants of this realm are Illusionists and Tricksters.


Ruler: Justine

The realm of law and order

Within this realm the laws are clear and the penalty for breaking any is harsh. Follow the laws and you might survive within the realm for an extended period of time, but be careful of what you say and do because it will most definitely be held against you. This realm houses the entire prison system for the other realms and employs the most Sentinel Protectors to guard them. The most common groupings of the inhabitants of this realm are Judges and Executioners.