It should’ve been…

So this is another video post. I plan on posting a longer post around motherhood and the challenges I’ve been facing in that department probably Saturday.

In the meantime I wanted to share this song with everyone. Every time I hear this song I stop to think about the words of it. For those of us that have faith, who go to church, who do everything that their religion says they should do have you ever stopped and thought beyond what you were doing? You’re being faithful it’s true, you’re praying every day, you’re going to church every week, you’re reading scriptures, you’re paying your tithing, you’re paying your fast offerings. You’re doing everything you know you’re supposed to be doing (and if you’re not, well maybe you’re trying – I’m trying, every day I try and every day I do as much as I can and I leave the rest up to God and his mercy), yet is it really enough?

Is it enough to do all of those things? To have them be habit, to have them so engrained in us that we don’t even have to think about them anymore? Or should we be striving for more? Should we be striving for greater? What is the true meaning behind those actions if they are simply habit? What is the true power behind our prayer if we don’t put any true thought into it? Can we do better? Can we be better? Can we make these things a part of our life, can we keep them sacred and holy, but at the same time strive to remind ourselves daily – hourly, minutely – that all that we have been given, all that we can achieve is because of His sacrifice.

He sacrificed himself for us, so that we could be redeemed of our sins. He took our place, he endured our sins and gave us the ultimate gift: the chance at redemption, the chance at being cleansed of our sins so that we might return to Heaven and live with our families for all eternity.

I think it would be a most cruel injustice to Him and His sacrifice for us if we let our responsibilities become habitual. I believe in the value of praying daily, in studying scriptures, of paying tithing, of going to church, of everything else we do in accordance to the gospel (even when I fail to do these things, but I am woefully human and filled with faults and misgivings that I strive every day to make up for and improve upon), but it’s not enough to simply go through the motions. We cannot let ourselves slip into daily habits. We have to stay vigilant and excited about our faith. We need to stay interested in our studies of the scriptures, always searching for new meaning or new understanding in passages we’ve read before. We have to find those moments throughout the day that we can feel The Spirit with us and when we feel it we need to take that moment to revel in it, to say a small prayer in that moment.

There are so many people that I know who pray at church or at specific times in the day (typically morning and night) and they convince themselves that that is enough. They pray when they believe they are supposed to, but I would challenge that and say there is no schedule on which to pray. God is everywhere and in everything we do and so there is no better opportunity to pray than throughout the day; maybe when we need him the most, or simply because we’ve seen a blessing he has given us and we want to give thanks.

I know so many people who have read The Bible and The Book of Mormon and that is a great and mighty thing, but there are others I know who have not only read them both numerous times, but who continue to read them. They read and study and they learn something new every single time. I want to strive for that: I want to strive to be the person who doesn’t just read the scriptures, but to be the person who is continuously looking for meaning and understanding, seeking it out from others who might have read it and understood it differently because then their testimony becomes part of your testimony and vice versa. It is an amazing thing to strengthen one another and form those bonds.

So this ended up being a bit longer than I expected it to be and maybe a bit more preachy than I intended. Do not get me wrong: I do not mean to offend anyone, I am not judging anyone or how they are living their life or practicing their faith. I am simply challenging my own in the hopes of bettering myself each and every day.

Thanks, as I always I hope you enjoyed my thoughts!

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